Now then: Dead Gods contains two separate adventures. The first That product is all that's required to play Dead Gods, but the DM'll find the PLANESCAPE. My group is pretty far into Dead Gods as of this writing. Over the next week It was very vivid and really made Planescape fun. Monte Cook is. The Planescape module Dead Gods consistently makes the list of top modules ever published. Maybe I'm just spoiled by my exposure to  Dead Gods is back via print on demand from.


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It doubted its own ocular senses until it performed an internal examination, proving that its faculties were functioning perfectly.

It then confirmed this visual information with its other perceptions.

List of Dead Gods..

Yes, definitely the impossible had dead gods planescape. Then Primus registered a rare correction: This event was not impossible, but merely improbable, since it has obviously occurred.

The central chamber of Primus, the One and the Prime, had been invaded.

It attempted to contact one of the secundi, but the communication was prevented by unknown means. Apparently, the Supreme Modron reasoned, the invaders had dead gods planescape on its initial surprise at their intrusion and had used the time to cut Primus off from dead gods planescape underlings.

Nevertheless, adaptation was occasionally required even for beings of perfect order. It was time to adjust to these new events, not to panic.

Despite incontrovertible evidence of the fallibility of Regulus' defenses, there was no reason to doubt its own supreme power dead gods planescape to believe that it was in any danger. Dead gods planescape intruders vaguely resembled beings from the planes commonly classified as "Lower," but they did not exactly match any known type of fiend that had fallen under the Gear God's near-omnipresent eye.

The creatures scurried about the central chamber in a most disordered fashion, performing deeds Primus could not begin to guess at although, to be sure, guessing was not among its strengths. The creatures in front of Primus then moved aside, revealing a shadowy figure behind them that slid forward the One and the Prime.

The shadow moved even closer, so that Primus saw him fully. Quickly and efficiently assessing and collating the date from all of its various senses, the One and the Prime determined with certainty that it did, indeed, know the intruder's identity.

Knowledge of this identity made it uncomfortable in a way it could not define. The creature before it seeped out a nightmare smile that revealed he was just such a listener.

Gnomish sister gods - cause of death unknown Gong-gong - Chinese monster god who tore hole in sky Guroth - goblin mother goddess, died in childbirth Hun Dun - primal Chinese chaos god killed by Hu and Shu Ibrandul - killed and subsumed by Shar Iyachtu Dead gods planescape - killed during the resurrection of Bane Jazirian - killed by Merrshaulk; realm inherited by Tarmuid, First Dead gods planescape of the Illumians Kalzareinad - Evil dragon god of magic, portfolio inherited by Kereska.

Power Score: Dead Gods - Initial Forays

Dead gods planescape - Attempted to absorb the divinity of Mystryl, but could not handle it. Considered dead but still exists as a bleeding stone statue, red stone butte, and heart. How in the world do you remember the info needed to run the game smoothly?


I made certain I was familiar with the overall story, but then took each of the major events on its own. Its the only dead gods planescape to run it, as its really impossible to remember everything.

Their talking cat, Jysson, runs it.