It comes with many features too, which you can use to create a wonderful looking PDF files. FPDF is not an PHP extension, just include the. FPDF is a PHP class which allows to generate PDF files with pure PHP, that is to say without using the PDFlib library. F from FPDF stands for Free: you may use. I post this comment here because I always wanted to extract text from PDF files, but I never found it. So now, I spread my tresor. So spend much time in creating a.


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A Web page can have a timeline to animate the delivered content. Using the 'delay' setting of this package will allow you to set the milliseconds the service should wait before considering the content ready for conversion, allowing any animation or other tasks to complete.

PHP Master | Convert HTML to PDF with Dompdf

A Web page can deliver different content depending on the browser and device being used. A Web page can be localized, delivering different content based on the surfers preferred language.

A Web page may deliver forms for user input. The PDF standard also create and pdf file in php forms, so wouldn't it be nice to be able to generate an interactive document? It is as simple as using the 'forms' setting to turn on this feature.

There are also times where you will want to do more than just provide a copy of a Web page as a PDF document. You may want to change its formatting, set a specific page size for printing, etc Add your own headers and footers to the pages. Change the display by providing your own CSS to over-ride the default delivered content.


Add your own stamps and watermarks to the document. A stamp is content in the foreground and a watermark is content in the background.

It is important to note here that content in the background will not be seen if the Web page does not have a transparent background. The PDF document itself has many standards which you may want to make use of, create and pdf file in php setting meta data, permissions or encryption.

PHP: PDF Functions - Manual

I would recommend reading the reference. What I want to see in the future is support for converting multiple HTML pages into one complete PDF publication with chapters and an automatically generated table create and pdf file in php contents.

This will give us the ability to take Web content which is displayed in parts over multiple pages and present it as a publication, viewable in any tablet or reader which supports PDF documents. There are number of configuration options that we can set to make Dompdf more suitable for our real-world needs.

Some of the important settings are: Make sure this location is writable by the web server account. Perhaps we want to save the generated PDF document to disk instead of sending it to the browser. It too accepts an create and pdf file in php options array, but the only option available is compress the default is true.

PDF Functions

We can add text, lines, images, rectangles, etc. All drawing will be recorded into that object and we can create and pdf file in php this object to all or selected pages though there are limitations.

Next we fetch the actual width and height of the page to calculate the coordinates of the footer we intend to add. Also, we need to provide a font object while we add text contents.

The line method draws a line from point X1,Y1 to X2,X2.

Notice that the color value we provided is not an actual RGB value. To get a better approximation, you can divide it by When the PDF renders, the footer section will look like this: Dompdf is not really tolerant of poorly-formed HTML, and large tables can easily cause you to run out of memory.

If you need features which are not supported by Dompdf, something like wkhtmltopdf might be a better solution for you. Still, Dompdf is fairly simple create and pdf file in php suitable for the majority of PDF export needs.