Dès le temps des glossateurs, la question s'est présentée par rapport aux sur le motif que la loi n'oblige que les sujets, et que ceux-ci seuls ont le droit. function of conflict of laws rules is the localization of legal re- lationships. 35 Br. Y.I.L. 6 See particularly Roubier, Les conflits de lois dans le temps (2 vols. way possible the conflicting interests of the parties and of the states involved. . mobile" by European scholars (Roubier, Les Conflicts de lois dans le temps.


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This collective work is divided into three main sections.

The first section examines questions concerning human rights and international humanitarian law. The second section is devoted to the international law of spaces, including matters regarding the law of the sea, international waterways, Antarctica, and boundary and territorial issues.

All socialist tendencies and individuals are welcome to support RH and to send a representative to its editorial board.

It is a distinguished scholarly journal, featuring well—researched and meticulously annotated articles and documents chiefly appearing - at least in English language - for the very first time. At the conflict de loi dans le temps, the journal appears roughly once to twice a year, later annually, designated by volume and number for details see below.

The format changed several times for details see below ; the average number of pages per issue raised during the last years to some pp.

However, regular columns are also provided, in almost all issues: Revolutionary History is a very valuable and quite unique source of information for people looking for thorough and alternative explanations and background information relating to the repeated — often disastrous — defeats suffered by the twentieth century working—class movement.

In this context RH's motto should be mentioned: Those who do not learn conflict de loi dans le temps history are doomed to repeat it.

Thus Revolutionary History has exhaustively presented the viewpoints and analyses of various non—Stalinist and non—reformist left minority groups and individuals with regard to the Spanish popular front strategy or in view of the rise of Hitlerism and the Second World War, to mention only a few examples.

The material about these topics presented on the pages of RH includes recent results of scholarly research as well as English translations of contemporaneous documents, long unavailable or never before published archival material, eye—witness accounts, conflict de loi dans le temps.

RH not at all conflict de loi dans le temps itself to a narrow definition of Trotskyism, but has opened its pages to writings by and about other non—Trotskyist authentic anti—Stalinist and anti—reformist revolutionaries and theoreticians, such as for example Victor Serge or Boris Souvarine.

The editorial board of Revolutionary History consists of a considerable number of renowned British and some non—British Trotskyist activists and left—wing historians, both academic and non—academic, some of them adhering to various tendencies and groups of the radical left, others lacking such an affiliation.

Al Richardson was not only the editor of RH but at the same time the author of a very considerable portion of the book reviews, obituaries and reader's notes published in RH.


Al Richardson was named as editor, Ted Crawford and Mike Howgate conflict de loi dans le temps deputy editors, Barry Buitekant functioned as business manager and Paul Flewers as production and design manager. As at Autumnthe conflict de loi dans le temps persons have been mentioned: The editorial board as at Autumn consists of: Revolutionary History maintains an excellent website ; originally compiled by John Plant and Ted Crawford, now redesigned and developed by Alun Morgan, which contains also images of the RH issue covers and links to the online—versions of those articles which appeared in issues which are out—of—print; several dozen articles which could not be published in the printed volumes because of lack of space or other reasons are gathered here and are presented as HTML documents, too.

Also, there is a small collection of articles and varia not originating from RH ; last not least the RH website contains Material related to C. Other Peoples The first series of Revolutionary History ended with vol.

Team Caja Rural – Team Caja Rural – Seguros RGA

Saving our history from academics and sects: Workers Liberty London23pp. For more details and for links to articles which are available on—line please consult the Revolutionary History website.

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The hidden history of the Spanish civil war. Nationalism, resistance and imperialist war — Trotskyism in Argentina and Scandinavia. James, a survey of recent works by and about Trotsky published in the USSR, reviews, letters, reader's notes.

A4 [Out of print.

Conflict de loi dans le temps dissertation

The German Left to James, reviews, letters, reader's notes. The tragedy of the Chinese revolution.


Fred Kissin, Ludwik Hass, W. Vietnam — workers' revolution and national independence. Trotskyism and Stalinism in Greece.