Blessed Columba Marmion, born Joseph Aloysius Marmion (April 1, - January 30, ) was an Irish monk, and the third abbot of Maredsous Abbey. Blessed Columba Marmion entered the Benedictine Order after having been a successful diocesan priest in response to an incessant divine calling. Abbot Columba Marmion was a priest of Dublin diocese who became a Benedictine monk and eventually abbot at Maredsous, Belgium.


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Columba Marmion

His lectures were columba marmion by, "on the one hand, his extreme clearness, and on the other his happy and fluent application of doctrine to the inner life.

Others may surpass him in the detailed documentation of their learning; but when Dom Columba discusses one of the major theses in which dogma approaches the highest mysteries of God The vast repercussions of his thought, the fruit of long contemplation, throw light on a columba marmion world of secondary conclusions.

His trenchant summaries unite with an unusual power of synthesis in one beam of light the diverse aspects of a problem hidden at columba marmion first approach in its complexity.

The central point stands out in brilliant relief and the whole assembly of connected truths is illuminated columba marmion the light of a governing principle which is the key to the whole problem.

As a master of columba marmion he is unrivalled.


But Dom Marmion was not indifferent to temporal matters. Thus he had the Abbey equipped columba marmion electricity and central heating, facilities rarely to be found in monasteries at that time.

Oct 3 - Bl Columba Marmion OSB (2) -

In he wrote columba marmion a young man preparing for ordination: They are good, but full of confidence in themselves They oppose the letter of Canon Columba marmion to the spirit of the Holy Rule. Despite his efforts and the support they gained, this dream was not realized and the German monks returned to the Dormition.

The notes for those talks contained in kernel an idea he would columba marmion during the next 20 years — meditating upon it in prayer, and refining and polishing it in the many talks columba marmion gave as a popular retreat master.

Grail Publication,14—5.

Benedict the Man, 16—7. As columba marmion put it in his own words: God has revealed to me the beauty and the grandeur of obedience.

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Philipon, Spiritual Doctrine, Benedict in English Collegeville, Minnesota: The Liturgical Press, These two phrases were taken from an oral interview columba marmion May 5, with a Benedictine Monk, Fr.

Benedict, Oregon, who is known as a local expert in Marmion spirituality but has neither written nor columba marmion on this topic. Columba Marmion, Christ in His Mysteries, trans.

Zaccheus Press, Marmion, Christ in His Mysteries, A sample of his extensive correspondence was published in English under the title Union with God: