Canon PowerShot G16 Online User Guide for free at For more user manuals and owners guide visit. Nauticam NA-G16 Underwater Housing for Canon Powershot G16 Camera .. The PowerShot G16 camera makes manual focusing easier than ever before - for. With the control and performance experts demand, the superfast PowerShot G16 features high-speed AF, fps* shooting, a bright f/


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Though somewhat more complex and battery draining than having GPS built into the camera, it does at least give you a way to geotag your images.


Performance High ISO performance is always the limiting factor for small sensor digicams. They show a gradual degradation of resolution and an increase in noise as ISO is increased.

More noise reduction would lead to lower resolution. Less noise reduction might give slightly higher resolution at the cost of increased noise.

Canon PowerShot G16

As canon g16 manual can see, the G16 does quite well for a small sensor digicam. As you can see, sharpness holds up well. FlexiZone allows the user to set the focus zone almost anywhere on the screen. Face AiAF will focus on a face if one is found, or defaults to a 9 zone auto system if a face is not detected.

Tracking AF which also uses servo AF will try to keep the active AF zone over a moving subject starting in the canon g16 manual of the screen Shot to shot time in single shot mode is around 1.


If you want fast shooting you need canon g16 manual select continuous mode which, with fixed focus at the first shot can give you about 12fps for up to 5 frames then approx.

If you want continuous AF, shooting speed slows to around 5. G16 image stabilization is effective, giving stops of stabilization in normal use. The G16 has an intelligent IS system which picks the most appropriate stabilization mode based on how the camera is being used. Canon g16 manual G16 introduces a new firmware feature — Star Modes.

In all the star modes the lens zooms out to the widest 28mm and fastest f1. How long depends on how dark the sky is.


In the canon g16 manual landscape mode a single image is shot and saved as a JPEG. In the star time lapse move mode the camera again takes multiple exposures over a period of up to 2 hrs, but this time the images are displayed sequentially as a movie rather than combined into a star trail image.

Manual focus with Canon G16

If you are blessed with darker skies and fewer aircraft the images will probably be canon g16 manual The G16 now shoots p HD video at 60fps or 30fps the G15 only did 30fps. Sound is recorded in stereo via built in microphone and the lens can be zoomed while shooting video.

Exposure is automatic with the camera choosing aperture, canon g16 manual speed and ISO. The intelligent IS system selects the best IS mode for stable video depending on shooting conditions.

Canon PowerShot G16 User Manual: Troubleshooting

You can use manual focus, but only to set focus before shooting. In AF mode the camera will adjust focus continuously to keep things in focus. Overall, the video quality was quite good, especially at HD and 60fps.

Although the camera is capable of a second shutter canon g16 manual in Canon g16 manual mode and a 15 second shutter speed in Tv mode, the longest shutter speed the camera will set in Av or P mode is 1 second.

Troubleshooting - Canon PowerShot G16 User Manual [Page ]

In M mode, canon g16 manual speeds longer than 30s 40ss can only be used at ISO Presumably these limits to shutter speed at higher ISO settings are designed to minimize image noise, but a 1 second limit in Av mode, even at ISO 80, seems to make no sense.

The G16 also adds WiFi, which some people now regard as essential. Overall canon g16 manual Powershot G16 is a good, pocketable, camera, capable of producing high quality images and with low light capabilities which are a match for any small digicam with a similar sized sensor.

You can get a front mounting 1. It extends the zoom reach to mm.