The latest Tweets from The Bronnikov Method (@BronnikovCenter). Informational Human Development. Rotterdam. Bronnikov Method based on the ancient knowledge, is the system of human development and human improvement. Bronnikov Method USA. likes. Ecology of the Spirit.


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The Man with X-Ray Eyes: The Bronnikov Method Exposed

Work with the Earth and sky bronnikov method and the essences of the four animals. Stage 2 Learn to work with your psycho bio-computer and acquire photographic memory and internal vision is activated and developed.

Learn to developed your bio-computer to bronnikov method tools such as watches, calculators, compass, binoculars and microscopes. Stage 3 You'll not only see internally but you'll be able to taste, smell, hear and feel too.

Learn to remote view, heal yourself and others and learn to see bronnikov method inner-workings of the human body in order to perform medical diagnostics.


The success stories say how great it is as they can now find things around the home and cook again, I've met many blind people who can do the same and they haven't needed the Bronnikov Method. I bronnikov method the most likely explanation bronnikov method that these training session are teaching the blind to use their imaginations in a visual way, perhaps think visually which wouldn't be the natural way to think for them.

The Man with X-Ray Eyes: The Bronnikov Method Exposed | Higgypop

It would be like me speaking with a German internal dialogue. Created by Vyacheslav Bronnikov method. Bronnikov, this system—based in ancient Tibetan Yoga—promises to awaken dormant human skills and abilities, among them the ability to see while blindfolded, or indeed with no eyes at all.

Derren traveled to a Bronnikov seminar in Belgium, accompanied a woman who has been legally blind bronnikov method more than a decade.

Bronnikov Method - International Skeptics Forum

After four days of attending courses in his method, I was anxious to meet the legendary founder, Vyacheslav Bronnikov. The superhuman figure revered by so many, who has reached the exalted heights of level 6, and even mentioned that he could levitate, and that bronnikov method could too.

I began by asking him how he bronnikov method up with the method. Actually, my story…I had twelve teachers. I was absolutely loaded with knowledge.


Overloaded maybe bronnikov method, but in a very potent way. And you were how old? It started from three years old, but if I take the question more seriously, I came consciously into this body.

That was my choice. I bronnikov method was aware about coming into this life before I was born. And when I was born, I had a lot of capacities already.


When you do bronnikov method [rubs hands together], you feel a tingle in your hands, and your muscles kind of create a sensation of pulling away. So I can understand how you can imagine that might feel like a ball.

When we wrap our hands between two bronnikov method of the brain, we create a connection. And this connection actually works.