Body Language For Dummies has ratings and 36 reviews. Kater said: When they say this book is for Dummies, they aren't kidding. Too bad my city libr. Body Language For Dummies [Elizabeth Kuhnke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Say what you mean, without opening your mouth. From Body Language For Dummies, 3rd Edition. By Elizabeth Kuhnke. Want to find out more about how to be the person you've always wanted to be? Look at.


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I do that, but I've never written about a character doing that, so I guess I could say I learned that from this book.


One of the things I liked the least about this novel was the heavy Body language for dummies. Sucking on a pen is like sucking on a nipple for comfort. Putting your fingernails in your mouth is like sucking on your mother's breast.

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Chewing on the glasses of your earpiece is like sucking on a breast. And this passage, which I found ludicrous: Her body is open, accentuating her chest.

Body Language For Dummies by Elizabeth Kuhnke

In this provocative position, the cigarette takes on the appearance of a small phallus that the woman slips body language for dummies her lips and seductively sucks. Sometimes a cigarette is just a cigarette. In addition to being Freudian, it was also tinged with that sexist evolutionary biology crap I'm getting so tired of.

Men stand with their hands at their side to show power and aggression. Women stand with their hands at their sides to show submissiveness, and therefore attractiveness.

It's as if the author is body language for dummies the idea that everyone is secretly into hetero BDSM in their free time.

Added to Your Shopping Cart Add to cart Description The complete guide to mastering body language for dummies art of effective body language Body Language For Dummies is your ideal guide to understanding other people, and helping them understand you.

Body language is a critical component of good communication, and often conveys a bigger message than the words you say.

This book body language for dummies you how to interpret what people really mean by observing their posture, gestures, eye movements, and more, and holds up a mirror to give you a clear idea of how you're being interpreted yourself.

If you find yourself puzzled by other people, or want to improve the impression you give, having an insight into body language is key, and this book body language for dummies teach you to comprehend what people really mean, even if they say nothing at all, and how you can use your body and your expressions to make a positive impact.

Image and presentation body language for dummies crucial to successful communication, and realising what kind of impression you give, and understanding how others judge you when you meet them, is an essential skill for getting where you want to go, both personally and professionally.