Characteristics of the BC bipolar transistor. Type - n-p-n Pin Configuration (Pinout). The BC is manufactured in a plastic TO case. When looking at. BC is a NPN transistor hence the collector and emitter will be left open (Reverse biased) when the base pin is held at ground and will be closed (Forward biased) when a signal is provided to base pin. BC has a gain value of to , this value determines the amplification capacity of the transistor. BC NPN Transistor pin Configuration top view diagram. ‹ Return to BC NPN Transistor pin Configuration top view diagram. Posted on.


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BC - NPN - Transistor

This goes to show just how versatile and important these devices can be. Even the most sophisticated chips to date have millions of transistors embedded within them and configured into complex circuits, assigned with many discrete bc547 pin configuration specific operations through different stages.

All transistors basically function in the same bc547 pin configuration. They are broadly distinguished by their power ratings or power handling capacities.

BC Transistor: Pinout, Diagrams, Equivalents & Datasheet

They may be also classified by their frequency handling capabilities and their amplification determining factor or hFE. A BC bc547 pin configuration a general purpose, small signal transistor fit for almost all types of circuit applications and therefore extensively used for making an unlimited range of electronic gadgets today.

You may refer to the article Watt transistor amplifier to see bc547 pin configuration example of the role of complementary transistor pairs in making a particular circuit more efficient.

Other than being NPN and PNP types, the above groups also differ with their rating, so the data given here relates to many details of bc547 pin configuration device. Though, this value is the breakdown limit, above which the part may just burn off, it may be noticed that the transistors start heating up well inside the reach of this limit, probably around 70 mA.

BC | Transistor BC PINOUT | PDF Datasheet

The value of IB should not exceed mA. It can amplify power, voltage and current at different configurations.

Some bc547 pin configuration the configurations used in amplifier circuits are Common emitter amplifier Common bc547 pin configuration amplifier Of the above types common emitter type is the popular and mostly used configuration. In other words, transistors restrict the amount of current passed according to a smaller, controlling current.


P and N, as the main current goes from emitter to collector or vice versa. In other words, two types of charge carriers—electrons and holes—comprise this main current through the transistor. This is the first and foremost rule in the use of transistors: The input signal at base is amplified and taken at the bc547 pin configuration.


BC is used in common emitter configuration for amplifiers. The voltage divider is the commonly used biasing mode.