This Pin was discovered by MANUEL FOLGUEIRA. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. The Battle of Empel or Miracle of Empel (Milagro de Empel in Spanish) was a battle fought on December 7 and December near the place of Empel, as part. La batalla de Krasny Bor tuvo lugar el 10 de febrero de en los arrabales de Leningrado. Fue el más sangriento enfrentamiento en el que intervino la


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By September 8, German and Finnish forces had surrounded the city, cutting off all supply routes to Leningrad and its suburbs. However, the original drive on the city failed and the city was subjected to a batalla de krasny bor.

During several attempts were made to breach the blockade, but they were all unsuccessful.

The last such endeavour in was the Sinyavin Offensive. After the defeat of that effort, the front line returned to what it was previously and again 16 kilometres 9. The Batalla de krasny bor defeat at Stalingrad had weakened the German front.


The Soviet forces were planning or conducting offensive operations across the entire front, especially in southern Russia. Amidst these conditions, "Iskra" batalla de krasny bor to become the first of several offensive operations aimed at inflicting a decisive defeat on Army Group North.

A railroad was swiftly built through it and allowed many more supplies to reach the city than the "Road of Life" the truck route across the frozen Lake Ladogaeliminating the possibility of the capture of the city and a German-Finnish linkup.

batalla de krasny bor Additionally, the important heights and strong point at Siniavino were still controlled by the Germans. Zhukov, who had overseen Iskra, was promoted to marshal of the Soviet Union on January 18, the day the two Soviet Fronts linked up and broke batalla de krasny bor blockade.

The Northwestern Front was to attack the Ramushevo Corridor, which connected the Demyansk Salientheld by the Germans to their main positions since The destruction of the bulk of the German 16th Army in the pocket would allow the Front to exploit the gap in the German lines.

Battle of Krasny Bor - Wikipedia

Again, this would create batalla de krasny bor gap in the German lines. The pivot point for this highway was Krasny Bor, situated between the highway and the railway line. Once this attack had succeeded, the plan was for the second echelon forces to advance through the gap towards Tosno.

The attack was planned for 10 Februaryand was to jump off from Kolpino.

Batalla de Krasny Bor — Wikipedia Republished // WIKI 2

The 55th Army planned to attack with a force of approximately 40, men and 30 tanks in first echelon, to be followed by a mobile group consisting of the nd Tank Brigade and the 35th Ski Brigade. German field defences near Leningrad in January February 10 — Day 1[ edit ] On Wednesday, February 10,a massive artillery bombardment of 1, Soviet guns and mortars descended on the Spanish lines at precisely 6: Shells, batalla de krasny bor and Katyusha rockets pounded the trenchesbunkers and dugouts which had been constructed to strengthen the eastern flank of Army Group North.

Pinned down by two hours of initial bombardment, Spanish formations were unable to retreat towards the town and in many cases batalla de krasny bor to the death. The frontline was quickly overrun, and many Spanish formations were destroyed there.

Battle of Krasny Bor

Now encircled, the units still holding the Leningrad-Moscow Highway decided to hold-on as long as possible and were destroyed in combat. The 55th Army, in the meantime, had batalla de krasny bor despite heavy casualties inflicted by the dug-in Spanish troops.

In Krasny Bor itself the Spanish artillery, engineers and other assorted stragglers came under attack from Soviet infantry and armour, and by batalla de krasny bor Soviet tanks opened fire on a hospital and retreating batalla de krasny bor but were eventually beaten off by Spanish troops armed with Molotov Cocktails and hand grenades.

The afternoon brought belated support for the defenders in the form of a Luftwaffe fighter-bomber attack on the Soviet positions around the town of Kolpino, to the north of Krasny Bor, while the 45th Guards Rifle Division seized Mishkino. Sviridov decided to insert the mobile group into the battle late on the day, but they were stopped by a combination of fierce resistance and a sudden thaw that stopped the Ski Brigade from operating off-road.

Batalla de Krasny Bor

The German command reinforced the Spanish defenses with battle groups. The 63rd Guards Rifle Division advanced as far as batalla de krasny bor central-western part of the town, and after Meanwhile, the remaining Spanish troops were ordered to new positions on the Izhora Riverto the west of the town.

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Here they held out against 63rd Guards Rifle Division's last attacks of the day.