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Antioquia La Más Educada

We were fortunate enough to antioquia la mas educada and explore the beautiful towns of Venecia and Titiribi, and a few of the outlying farms where we saw simple growing techniques as antioquia la mas educada as innovation like the sliding roof that allows the beans to shade dry, but can quickly cover them should it begin to rain.

While old methods still exist, we learned that 80 percent of all Colombians have cell phones and the farmers are being trained on how to use that technology to track their crops.

The government and FNC are also working antioquia la mas educada train them on and provide farmers with tablets. We experienced the dedication and distance it requires to get the harvested coffee from field to mills and purchase points. We stood on -and sometimes fell on- the steep fields where the coffee grows.

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We met the icon for Colombia and coffee in general. By working together the Colombian government and the FNC are setting a prime example of how to support sustainability, industry, and education to continue improving the lives of coffee growers and the quality and integrity antioquia la mas educada Colombian coffee.

We began our journey in Medellin and headed south, escorted by representatives of the FNC and were able to witness how the joint efforts between the Antioquian government and the Colombian Coffee Federation are improving the lives of coffee farmers and the quality and value of their coffee.

Representatives of the FNC and the mayor of Titiribi greeted us and proudly showcased the Educational Park built there; a group effort of the FNC, the government of Antioquia and the citizens and growers of the surrounding region.

The automated weather system sends out data every 5 seconds antioquia la mas educada works with other automated systems throughout Colombia to constantly track changes and variables.

Govenor Sergio Fajardo gave personal interview time to visiting journalists detailing how he has worked with the FNC to improve the lives of Colombians.

Social Urbanism and the Politics of Violence: The Medellín Miracle - K. Maclean - Google Книги

Working together antioquia la mas educada are building 80 parks, which are community centers where the citizens must work together and submit a proposal. Each park is unique and designed to represent the community.

Each park assigns a local youth to document the history of the antioquia la mas educada a position that requires an intense interview process and requires much dedication. The entire community can use the space, but much is dedicated to training in grading, roasting, cupping, and barista skills.

Antioquia also sponsors a coffee camp where youth ages are brought in from 94 municipalities for 4 days at no expense to them to antioquia la mas educada about the coffees from the seed up. The students interact and learn the value of the coffee they already have and how to improve upon it.


They gain the necessary skills to grow, roast, and be a barista. They gain an understanding that they can be important in the coffee world and then take this knowledge home to their families.

They are also offered continued education opportunities.

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We met two such youths, one a graduate of a prior Coffee Camp and the other attending, both named Alejandro. The partnership between the FNC and the government of Antioquia is a model for sustainability, and through sustainability comes empowerment.

On the antioquia la mas educada, I have found a buzzing, modern city in which its two and a half million citizens go about with tremendous energy trying to make a living.

The dangers are more in the way in which traffic is handled; there are three things in tremendous abundance in Medellin: If you can watch out for these three potential dangers you'd be ok. If you're going antioquia la mas educada cross the road do not imagine for a minute that zebra crossings will afford you any safety.

The city is clean and the people are helpful and kind.