Aldose Reductase Inhibitors as Potential Therapeutic Drugs of Diabetic Complications. By Changjin Zhu. Submitted: November 12th Reviewed: October. Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. ;17(4) Dietary sources of aldose reductase inhibitors: prospects for alleviating diabetic complications. Saraswat M(1). Aldose reductase inhibitor: A class of drugs used to prevent eye and nerve damage in diabetes. Aldose reductase is an enzyme that is normally present in the.


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Three dosages of diosgenin partly restrained the above changes, especially DG These above results coincided with the effects of diosgenin on the grade of lens opacification.

Discussion Hyperglycemia and the duration of diabetes are the major risk factors of diabetic cataract. To date, no efficient agents, irrespective of glycemic control, are utilized to treat diabetic cataract.

Hyperglycemia stimulates Aldose reductase inhibitors enzyme, leading to the accumulation of hypertonic sorbitol and subsequent lens osmotic expansion [ aldose reductase inhibitors ], so any agent that exerts efficient AR inhibitory activity would be potential to prevent the occurrence of diabetic cataract.

Diosgenin, a Novel Aldose Reductase Inhibitor, Attenuates the Galactosemic Cataract in Rats

At first, we optimized the screening method of ARIs. The only commercial ARI, epalrestat, was selected as the positive control to evaluate the accuracy of the new optimized ARIs screening method, the IC50 of epalrestat aldose reductase inhibitors normal rat lens AR was 1.

Subsequently, we performed a strict ARI aldose reductase inhibitors from candidates including natural extracts and 44 nonoriented synthetic compounds and found diosgenin as a potent inhibitor against AR. Diosgenin inhibited the normal rat lens AR in a good dose-dependent manner, and its IC50 was 4.

But their mechanism of actions is not exactly the same.

Aldose reductase inhibitor - Wikipedia

AR has higher affinity to galactose than to glucose; the metabolite galactitol is more poorly reduced by SDH than sorbitol, and it takes shorter time to form rat galactosemic cataract model than another one [ 3418 ]. So, lens osmotic expansion is more predominant in galactosemic cataract than that in diabetic cataract; the former model is aldose reductase inhibitors suitable for the investigation of ARIs than the latter [ 9101419 ].

To assess the effects of aldose reductase inhibitors on the progression of symptoms, signs or functional disability in diabetic polyneuropathy. We reviewed bibliographies of randomized trials identified, and contacted authors aldose reductase inhibitors experts in the field.


We included randomized controlled trials comparing an aldose reductase inhibitor with controland lasting at least six months. The primary outcome measure was change in neurological aldose reductase inhibitors, measured in various ways, including strength testing, sensory examination, and composite scores of neurological examination.


Secondary outcome measures were nerve conduction studies, neuropathic symptoms, quality of life, occurrence of foot ulcers and adverse effects. Data collection and analysis: Trials included in aldose reductase inhibitors review were selected and assessed independently by at least two of us.

Methodological criteria and study results were recorded on data extraction forms. Thirty-two randomized controlled trials meeting the inclusion criteria were identified.

Dietary sources of aldose reductase inhibitors: prospects for alleviating diabetic complications.

An improvement in the aldose reductase inhibitors abnormalities of the nerves was also observed in epalrestat treated diabetics rats. In this study, we analyze the data of subjective symptoms and nerve conduction study on cases with diabetic neuropathy, treated with epalrestat.

Subjects were excluded if their primary cause of neurologic disorder was not diabetes alcoholic neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, sequelae of cerebrovascular disease etc.

Neuropathic pain had deep, bursting, drawing character and was associated with jabbing or shooting pains, which typically increased with rest.

Motor symptoms aldose reductase inhibitors either negative paralysis of voluntary muscles or positive fasciculations, myokimia, muscle cramps. Dietary sources of aldose reductase inhibitors: Activation of polyol pathway due to increased aldose reductase activity is one of the aldose reductase inhibitors mechanisms that have been implicated in the development of various secondary complications of diabetes.