Protocol Between the Government of the Sudan (GoS) and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) on the Resolution Of Abyei Conflict. By Douglas H. Johnson December 10, — The Abyei Protocol and the Report of the Abyei Boundaries Commission (ABC) are once again. of the Protocol on the Resolution of the Abyei Conflict (the Abyei Protocol). The 1 January line between the north and the south will be.


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Inabyei protocol continued raids by the Abyei protocol into Ngok Dinka territory, the British redistricted the nine Ngok Dinka chiefdoms into Kordofan. The reason was threefold: The Ngok Dinka were thus drawn to the Anyanyawhile the Messiria were favored by the Khartoum -based government and became firmly associated with the north.

The Abyei Protocol Demystified

The Addis Ababa Agreement that ended the war included a clause that provided for a referendum allowing Abyei to choose to remain in the north or join the autonomous South.

This referendum was never held and continued attacks against Ngok Dinka led to the creation of Ngok Dinka unit in the small Anyanya II rebellion, which began in Upper Nile in The discovery of oil in the area, among other north-south border regions, led President Gaafar Nimeiry to try the first of many initiatives to redistrict oil rich areas into northern administration.

Many Ngok Dinka joined the rebels upon the outbreak of hostilities. In contrast, the Messiria joined the hostilities on the side of the government in the mids. They formed frontline units as well as Murahleenmounted raiders that attacked southern villages to loot valuables and slaves.

The first protocol signed, the Machakos Protocoldefined Southern Sudan as the area as of independence in Abyei protocol SPLA negotiators then spent several years attempting to give these regions the right to a referendum in which they could decide if they want to be under the administrative control of the north or south.

This would potentially mean that these regions would become part of a nation abyei protocol South Sudan after the independence referendum.

Abyei - Wikipedia

He is among the pioneers of use of oral sources in reconstructing African History. He was one of the ten historians in the abyei protocol who was offered life membership of the Abyei protocol Association of Great Britain when it celebrated its centennial.


Nominated by the UK. He abyei protocol an historian who has been researching the history of the Sudan for some forty years.

Abyei Protocol

He has edited 5 volumes of historical documents on the Sudan and the Southern Sudan, co-edited three other books, and published over 50 articles. What abyei protocol the mandate of the ABC? Who was supposed to make the final decision abyei protocol the ABC?

How was evidence presented?

The Abyei Protocol Demystified - Sudan Tribune: Plural news and views on Sudan

The Ngok Dinka, Misseriya and their neighbours presented oral testimony at meetings convened in the field, which was recorded and transcribed in Appendix 4 of the ABC Report. What material was submitted abyei protocol the ABC?


In fact, the government delegation made three powerpoint presentations in which they showed extracts from a number of documents dating from to and publications dating up to They did not submit any copies of the full documents cited, abyei protocol when requested to do so by the experts. The SPLM also did not present any copies of full documents to support their claims.

Neither the Misseriya nor the Ngok Dinka provided contemporary documentation in support of their oral testimony. This did not mean that their evidence was ignored. It did mean that the experts had to examine in full the original documents cited, and seek out additional sources of information to see if the oral testimony collected could be corroborated by other sources.

What maps were available to the ABC? The NCP has alleged that the experts cited only 2 maps from in support of abyei protocol decision.