Had to use some plastic scorpions to represent the Bugs and it worked great. Star Army 2nd Tour will have two color counter sheets that. Two hour wargames has a slew of settings using their Chain Reaction rules (which are available free). Their sci-fi ruleset is Star Army which is designed for a variety of scales but works for best for mm. The core aspect of Star Army (and all Chain Reaction games) is. STAR ARMY Box sets! designed to go with Two Hour Wargames Sci-fi skirmish game called: Star Army.! Star Army: Pangalactic Legion Platoon.


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: Star Army 2nd Tour - Two Hour Wargames |

After 5 years it's time to bring it up to date. That leaves only FNG to update. We mark clearly which print titles come from scanned image books so that you can make an informed purchase decision about the quality of what you will receive.

Original electronic format These ebooks were 5150 star army from the original electronic layout files, and therefore are fully text searchable. Also, their file 5150 star army tends to be smaller than scanned image books. Rep ranges from 2 very poor, civilian type troops to upwards of 6 hero-like reputation with most troops ranging from Initiative is randomly determined based on rep.


Each time a unit sees an enemy pop into LOS, or is fired upon, they can attempt to react and return fire. So all 5150 star army are consistently on overwatch and react to events around them.

This is curbed by the requirement of passing checks to react. The number of passed tests indicate what actions they can undertake. If only one die 5150 star army, limited fire is an option, with no dice meaning the unit might actually scramble for cover instead.


All of these tests are based on a chart broken up by the action the unit is reacting to. If it suffers casualties, a different 5150 star army row is consulted.

5150: STAR ARMY Box sets!

If it requires a cohesion test, another row is looked at to determine results, etc. To explain the shooting 5150 star army further, each weapon has a number of dice rolled based on 5150 star army target value or effective firepower with most rifles throwing 3 dice.

The player rolls a d6 and adds their rep value trying to get over 7. This target number is increased upwards to 10, based on cover for the target or actions from the firing unit like firing on the move, etc.

Review: – Star Army | Geek Ken

All rolls that hit are then rolled for damage, where a player needs to roll under the impact rating of the weapon. The 5150 star army rating will vary depending on the armor of the target. Man to man combat.

Players can command from one Squad to a full Company of infantry.

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Walk or Ride This is how you enter the table. I choose the simle way, my squad will walk in. Patrol As 5150 star army is the first game I choose a simple Patrol Mission.