The Leadenhall Building is a skyscraper in the City of London. Located on Leadenhall Street, the building offers both retail and commercial real estate.‎Find Us Find Us The · ‎Contact · ‎The Leadenhall Building · ‎Construction. Leadenhall Building at Leadenhall Street, otherwise know as the Cheesegrater, facing the Lloyds building. Photograph: David Levene. A man looking at the City of London skyline including in centre Leadenhall street 'Cheesegrater' (centre) from the Tate Modern museum.


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Leadenhall, aka the Cheesegrater, is going up fast in the City of London at a rate of approximately seven storeys per month.

Chinese property firm confirms record £1bn 'Cheesegrater' building deal

After a two-year pause, the British Land development is now back on track with an estimated completion date of May Leadenhall comprises a tapering, perimeter-braced diagrid structure containing the office floors alongside a northern support core, which houses all passenger and goods lifts, service risers, on-floor plant and WCs.

Office floors are connected to the structural tube at every floor without the need 122 leadenhall street further perimeter columns.

The main structure is set out on a grid of 16m x The contrasting colours of the expressed steelwork show the division between 122 leadenhall street and service space. According to project architect Andy Young, the development of the external mega-frame allowed the creation of a non-standard plan, which creates a generous public 122 leadenhall street at the base.


Because of the large distances between the stiff node levels, the mega-frame structure requires a secondary 122 leadenhall street system. In a statement made to the London Stock Exchange on 14 AugustBritish Land said it was delaying the project, which was due to start in October It also appears to anchor the tower to the ground, giving a sense of strength.

Unlike other tall buildings, which typically use a 122 leadenhall street core to provide stability, the steel "Megaframe", engineered by Arupprovides stability to the entire structure and is the world's tallest of its kind.

Inside the Cheesegrater – London's latest skyscraper

The base features a 30m high atrium which is open to the public and extends the adjacent plaza. These have been turned into an architectural feature in a vein similar to the 122 leadenhall street Lloyd's building — they deliberately show off the elevator machinery with bright orange painted counterweights and the actual elevator motors themselves.

However, it is hoped that the slanting wedge-shaped design will have less impact on the protected sightline of St Paul's Cathedral when viewed from 122 leadenhall street Street and the west.

122 leadenhall streetconstruction began with the basement floors. By Decemberthe steelwork had progressed up to the fifth mega-level, with topping out expected in February or March.

The Leadenhall Building, London - Building #49

The angle of the wedge shape is such that each subsequent floor is 75cm less on the southern side than the one under it. 122 leadenhall street primary purpose is to allow it to taper away from St Paul's Cathedral and reduce its profile from protected view points.

122 leadenhall street will open in the cautious atmosphere of a fragile financial recovery. David Levene Both buildings were shaped in part by wars that date them.

But, said Stirk, the buildings had "their DNA and an evolutionary path" in common. Lloyd's has nice rounded concrete columns, this has big manufactured I-sections.

Leadenhall Street - Wikipedia

It is almost 122 leadenhall street engineering. It has a much more dominant impact on London's skyline than Lloyd's. One key reason for the difference, Stirk explains, is that the latter was designed for a client while Leadenhall was designed for British Land, a speculative developer.

Hence its sleeker, less aesthetically challenging profile.

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Graham Stirk on the roof of the Leadenhall building, also known as the Cheesegrater.