The 11th dimension is a characteristic of space-time that has been proposed theory with the inclusion of the 11th dimension is sometimes called M theory or. What if there are more than three dimensions in our universe? In fact, string theory suggests there are 11 of them. Let's explore this intriguing. From what I have gathered, M-theory states that there are 11 dimensions. We live in 3 of these dimensions(unless time is considered its own  The logic of the 11 dimensions in M theory.


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String theory

The notion of living in a universe, only some of which 11 dimensions of m theory be within our perception or even our conception, is both intriguing and humbling. This entry was posted in Uncategorized by AlanEmery. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Why did these other dimensions remain small?

The different theories allow different types of strings, and the particles that arise at low energies exhibit different symmetries.

For example, the type I theory includes both open 11 dimensions of m theory which are segments with endpoints and closed strings which form closed loopswhile types IIA, IIB and heterotic include only closed strings.

At large distances, a two dimensional surface with one circular dimension looks one-dimensional.

M-theory - Wikipedia

In everyday life, there are three familiar dimensions of space: Einstein's general theory of relativity treats time as a dimension on par with the three spatial dimensions; in general relativity, space and time are not modeled as separate entities but are instead unified to a four-dimensional spacetime.

In this framework, the phenomenon of gravity is viewed as 11 dimensions of m theory consequence of the geometry of spacetime.

In some cases, by modeling spacetime in a different number of dimensions, a theory becomes more mathematically tractable, and one can perform calculations and gain general insights more easily.

In bosonic string theory, spacetime is dimensional, while in superstring theory it is dimensional, and in M-theory it is dimensional. In order to describe real physical phenomena using string theory, one must therefore imagine scenarios in which these extra dimensions would not be observed in experiments.

In compactification, some of the extra dimensions are assumed to "close up" 11 dimensions of m theory themselves to form circles. A standard analogy for this is to consider 11 dimensions of m theory multidimensional object such as a garden hose.

String theory - Wikipedia

If the hose is viewed from a sufficient distance, it appears to have only one dimension, its length. However, as one approaches the hose, one discovers that it contains a second dimension, its circumference.

Thus, an 11 dimensions of m theory crawling on the surface of the hose would move in two dimensions. However, not every way of compactifying the extra dimensions produces a model with the right properties to describe nature.

“M” Theory with 11 dimensional space – Wow!

In a viable model of particle physics, the compact extra dimensions must be shaped like a Calabi—Yau manifold. In this approach, physicists assume that the observable universe is a four-dimensional subspace of a higher dimensional 11 dimensions of m theory.

In such models, the force-carrying bosons of particle physics arise from open strings with endpoints attached to the four-dimensional subspace, while gravity arises from closed strings propagating through the larger ambient space.

This idea plays an important role in attempts to develop models of real world physics based on string theory, and it provides a natural explanation for the weakness of gravity compared to the other fundamental forces.

Now, however, upon adding relativity there is a requirement of a 5th dimension.

The 11 dimensions of M-theory

This is not apparent in the video above, but before relativity the universe was already 4D. A single moment was 3D and there were multiple moments.


Upon adding relativity, however, a single moment is fundamentally 4D. One cannot speak about space without mentioning time.


Location is dependent upon time. Modern interpretations of relativity state that there is no preferred frame of reference therefore entirely different versions of that loaf are equally valid as the one presented. When we consider the alien on the bike and the 11 dimensions of m theory on the park bench we think of them as definitely directly across spacetime from each other.

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